Inspections & Repairs of Firestopping

The following services are offered for all firestopping projects, all services can be adjusted in accordance to the clients needs


Assessment of all 2hr, 1hr, smoke tight, emergency egress corridor and emergency egress stairwell barriers.


Identification of penetrations on buildings life safety drawings.

Firestopping Tops

Firestopping tops of walls, horizontal and vertical penetrations in accordance to manufacturer approved applications.

Seal penetrations

Seal penetrations that require construction material (sheetrock, studs, cement block, masonry and other conforming wall construction means and methods).

Stencil the barrier rating

Stencil the barrier rating above the ceiling grid to help identify rated barriers for future cabling and utility projects.

Encase cables and wires

Encase all existing IT cables, TV cables, electric wiring, fire alarm wiring, building controls wiring, security wiring, etc. in controlled rated barrier pathways: STI EZ Path, Hilti Split Sleeves and additional rated barrier pathway UL approved devices.

Controlled rated barrier pathways

Install future-use controlled rated barrier pathways: STI EZ Path, Hilti Speed Sleeves and additional rated barrier pathway UL approved devices.

Ceiling types

Repair, replace and/or install all ceiling types (sheetrock, ceiling tiles, ceiling grid, spline, etc…) found within your facility.

Electrical junction, splice and pull box

Identify and resolve open electrical junction, splice and pull box deficiencies.

Track all sealed penetrations with Absolute Fire Barrier Service Penetration Close-Out Work Sheet; this includes the following:

  • Picture of penetration “Before”.

  • Picture of sealed penetration “After”.

  • Cut sheet of applied firestopping application.

  • Tabbed binder containing all identified and sealed penetration information.

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