6 Tips to Help You Hire Professionals for AC Repair

An air conditioner is counted among the most expensive technologies that you buy for your home and hence, you must always hire the best professional service for air conditioning repair.

Many people tend to be very careless when it comes to AC repair. They rope in any random technician to service their air conditioner system. As a result, they lose their money and of course, their AC.

So, before you commit the mistake of hiring a random technician for your AC repair, go through these six tips to hire the best professional for air conditioning repair.

1. Research Well

You must do your homework before you dial the number of the technician. You must research about your AC model. You should know about the brand, model, type of system, etc. As every AC has a different internal system, you must call the professional who is well aware of the internal system of your AC.

2. Prefer Experienced Professional

Experience counts in every field and AC system repair is not at all an exception. You must always prefer an experienced professional for the AC repair service.

Find out their experience in the industry. Find out if they are full-time professionals or just part-time contractors. Also, find out the amount of experience that they have in dealing with the AC system installed at your home. Their field of special expertise is another point to consider.

You can visit their website and seek the answers to your questions.

3. Contact With Their Past Customers

The best way to find out whether the AC repair professional is actually the best is by contacting the former customers. The past customers will make your job easy. You can call the customer and ask about their personal experience with the AC repair professional.

You can also go through the customer reviews on their website.

4. Fetch the Details Regarding Legal Compliance

Whether or not, your contractor has a valid license; you must know this before hiring him to repair your AC system.

You can ask them about their license number. Also, ask for the proof of insurance, especially liability as well as the compensation coverage of the worker. Also, make sure if the contractor obeys all the health and safety regulations.

5. Find Out About The Cost And Financing

Ask for a written estimate from your contractor. Ask them to include material cost, warranties, taxes, and labor cost. You can ask the estimate from all the potential contractors and then compare their quotations to find out the best deal.

Also, find out the payment schedule; whether you need to make any advance deposit or do you need to pay in increments.

6. Take An Environmental Friendly Decision

Last but not the least; you must consider how eco-friendly the technician is. You can ask about the environmental friendliness to the professional before hiring them.

Consider all the above-mentioned points and then hire the best AC repair professional.

When it comes to air-conditioner repair, you must hire the best professionals. Don’t rope in any random technician. Always prefer an experienced professional for the Air Conditioner repair.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Repair Company

An air conditioning unit is seen by many as a must-have appliance in the home to keep the air cool and comfortable. If this type of system malfunctions, it can lead to a lot of discomfort, especially if it happens during a very hot period. For this reason, it is useful to have the unit serviced at regular intervals by an expert.

Let’s take a look at a few things to consider in the process of finding a reputable and reliable company to service the air conditioning unit:

Proper certification and license

Any reputable company in this industry will have the relevant certification and license to perform this particular type of work. If you are able to confirm a preferred company has the right documentation you are more likely to get a high-quality service that meets your expectations and standards. It can be helpful to use a repair service with the right professional credentials such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence), ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) or similar. With the proper certification in place you will have the reassurance of knowing they are qualified to install, repair or replace HVAC systems.

Pay attention to attitude

A great way to shortlist a potential repair company is to go with one that offers great customer service. The person that handles your call should listen to your concerns and be polite. You want to speak to someone who is able to answer all inquiries and questions with the knowledgeable understanding and a respectful attitude. Also, if the team at the call center are respectful, there is a greater chance that the technician will have a similar attitude and arrive on time.

Number of years in business

When researching the options it benefits to check the number of years a company has been in business. Any repair company that has been able to display proof of a quality service over the long-term is very likely to have built up the experience and know-how to provide a trustworthy and successful business.

Best value for money

Any decent repair company will give a complete range of option, such as annual tune ups, one-off repairs, emergencies and service contracts. Before the work begins, the company should provide an estimate for the specific job with a list of the work to be completed. A warranty is often given on most jobs. Also, it is important to make sure the quoted price is the final amount to pay at the end of the job with no hidden charges.

Discover more about a reliable company that offers air conditioning repair to a high standard.

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6 Tips for Working With an HVAC Contractor

For the average homeowner, there are many things about home ownership that are simple enough to handle – these might include basic knowledge of home energy systems, plumbing or perhaps general maintenance. But conversely, a large number of homeowners have very little knowledge about things such as HVAC repairs or actions to take to see that the system continues to run properly.

When the HVAC system breaks down or works incorrectly, the average homeowner gets a bit panicked. After all, no one wants to think about needing to purchase a new home system. However, should you find yourself thinking it might be necessary, then it is time to talk to an HVAC contractor to be sure that you are getting the system that is perfectly compatible with your home’s design – as well as with your needs.

But, that leaves another question – how do you determine which HVAC contractor to work with? After all, you do want to work with someone that you can count on. As you begin the process, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Find out what the requirements are for an HVAC contractor in your area. Then, you can simply disregard any who do not meet the standards. Many states require that the contractors have a minimum amount of on the job training/experience – typically at least 2-5 years – before they can be certified as contractors.
  • Ask the people you know for the references and referrals. If you aren’t finding any consistency, consider going to a couple of home improvement stores and talking to employees there. You will be surprised at what they can often tell you about local companies.
  • Look for an HVAC contractor that has special offers, and keeps you up to date about refunds, Energy Star benefits and other perks.
  • Ask them to do a home evaluation. You might even want to have 2-3 of these done to be sure that everyone is saying the same thing.
  • Be sure that the specific contractor carries/is skilled in the brand that you are considering your home. Not all HVAC units are the same, and you want one that will support your home’s layout and needs.
  • Be sure that once you make a decision about which HVAC contractor to work with, that you get all estimates written down, explained fully and that everything is as agreed upon before you sign or commit to anything!

Having an HVAC contractor that you trust and can depend on to do a good job is important. Of course, that means investing some time in finding someone that meets your needs and budget while still ensuring your home will be properly set up. Do you research then let them do the work – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of HVAC contractors. One such site worth visiting is http://www.prescriptionheatingandcooling.com

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Latest Air Conditioner Servicing and Maintenance Technique

An air conditioner cools the room by removing heat efficiently and effectively from it. Its refrigerant or coolant works together with other parts of its system to perform the task of cooling the room. Unfortunately, some parts accumulate dirt and dust over time and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioner in removing heat. In order to bring it back to its usual performance, cleaning it regularly and properly is necessary. Frequently, a professional air conditioner cleaning specialist (PACCS) is engaged to provide the cleaning. When you engage the PACCS, you may wish to suggest a new technique of cleaning. Before we introduce you to the new technique, let us look at the usual way of cleaning with chemical solution.

Typical Way of Cleaning with Chemical Solution

Chemical solution is frequently used by the PACCS to give your air conditioner a good wash. The PACCS will apply the chemical solution to the air conditioner and rinse it off to perform the cleaning. However, the corrosive nature of the solution would damage the air conditioner’s components and shorten its life span if the chemical solution is not rinsed thoroughly within a reasonable time. How can you avoid such a the situation? Let us introduce you to a cleaning technique which will minimize the corrosion of the components when chemical solution is applied.

New Technique of Cleaning – Steam Cleaning after Chemical Solution

The new technique combines 2 types of cleaning in one session, i.e. cleaning the air conditioner with chemical solution and then with steam. Cleaning it with steam or heated water vapour has recently become popular because of its effectiveness in removing dirt and smell. As long as you can afford a steam cleaning equipment and observe the safety requirements, you should be able to “steam-clean” it. Cleaning the air conditioner with steam after the application of chemical solution ensures that the chemical is fully removed. It also removes any undesirable smell quickly.

There is always extra costs when more is performed. As such, please be prepared to pay a higher fee for this new technique of cleaning.

Common Tips for Routine Cleaning

Let us give you some tips on how to maintain your air conditioner in good condition before the next cleaning by the PACCS.

  1. Clean the filter weekly. This is the first layer of defense against dirt and dust accumulation. Please also make sure that the net of the filter is not broken.
  2. Keep your room clean and dirt free. The system is less dirty when less dirt and dust are suck into it.
  3. Clear items in the room which affects air flow and circulation. When the air flow and circulation is poor, it affects the rate at which the room is cooled.
  4. Ensure that the room is properly sealed so that minimum heat is transferred to the room.

The tips above is just for routine maintenance. You should always schedule a monthly cleaning by the expert or PACCS for the best results.

Best technique to service your air conditioner – a combination of chemical washing and steam cleaning – to completely clean your unit and components.

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Why Should You Go for PVC Ventilation Duct?

PVC is everyone’s choice as it is reliable and offers unique qualities. As a matter of fact, it’s a sign of valuable material for different purposes, such as the making of ventilation ducts. According to experts, it’s an effective solution for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is quite safe for workers, environment and everyone in a home as it doesn’t produce contaminated air. Moreover, it emits fumes in a safe manner. Let’s know more about why you should prefer PVC over other materials.


If you have been in search of the best material for heating and cooling products, you can’t find anything better than PVC. As a matter of fact, the product is very robust and quite usable for a variety of purposes. In addition, it is reliable and sturdy, which allows you to carry out the installation in an easy way. With other products, the installation process is not that easy. Moreover, the beauty of this product is that you can use it in different environments, such as ceilings, walls, and floors, just to name a few.


As you may know that corrosion is on the list of worst issues with building materials, especially in different industries where fumes, exhaust and gases can cause a significant damage to the HVAC systems with the passage of time. So, if you have been looking for a way to avoid this risk, we suggest that you give a go to PVC ventilation duct. The great thing about it is that it conforms to the safety regulations.

Cost saving

In homes, the product protects the heating and cooling systems from excessive moisture so that each system could work properly. A common problem with metal ductwork is that it gets affected by the moisture and you may have to replace them after a while. On the other hand, PVC stands the test of time and may save you a lot of money down the road as you won’t have to do the replacement anytime soon.


Versatility is another great quality of PVC ventilation duct. As a matter of fact, the product comes in handy if the builder wants to design a building with heating and cooling in the floor rather than the ceiling. Aside from this, it’s also a good choice if your house has not crawlspace, which is a must for metal ductwork. Moreover, if you have a house with a strong concrete slab, you can go for this product as it works better.

PVC is a great choice for heating and cooling as it offer better insulation than other materials, such as metals. What happens is that when hot and cold air passes via the mill steel, dispersion occurs. As a result, the systems won’t as effectively as PVC does. While metal is a good choice for small buildings, PVC is a far better choice for big buildings, especially in the buildings where heat and cold travels long distances via the ducts.

Long story short, these are some of the benefits of using PVC ventilation duct.

Have you been looking for high quality ventilation ducts? If so, you can try out PVC ventilation duct offered by http://tarppvc.com/.

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How Important Is Good Indoor Air Quality?

When we talk about poor air quality in the home what we mean is smoke, bacteria, mould and carbon monoxide and this is all due to the lack of ventilation in homes.

As houses have become more insulated over the years this has led to a build-up of toxic gases within our homes. Problems such as condensation and mould can become significant and cause health concerns like Asthma.

The most obvious way to ventilate your home is to open a window. That’s great if it’s a beautiful day in July, however, what do we do the rest of the year round? Especially in Winter – opening a window could mean an inch of snow in your house. This method unfortunately lets a serious amount of heat escape not mentioning creating a perfect entrance for would be burglars.

A heat recovery system basically brings the outdoor air inside and recovers the heat. This results in your home being fully ventilated throughout the year with fresh air without having to constantly reheat the home due to heat loss. Also, worth mentioning the air is filtered ensuring its pollen free, insect free and pollutant free.

Damp and mould can be problematic in a property poorly ventilated. Dealing with damp and mould can be costly but by acting early and installing a ventilation system this will prevent the build-up of humidity and vastly improve the indoor air quality. Not only will this in turn improve the health of your family, but it will have a positive impact on the fabric of your house.

There are certainly other ways to improve air quality in the house such as adding plants which actively clean the air, not using aerosols and certainly not smoking indoors. However, none will have the effect of installing a ventilation system.

Ventilation systems vary greatly and can suit all budgets and most properties, it’s certainly important to get professional advise when looking at a system. Most reputable companies will offer a advise service and ensure you receive the best system to suit your property. Systems can be quiet specific to meet your needs so you can have the perfect system for your property.

Retro-fitting is now becoming more popular and most companies will do their best to find the best way of designing a system to suit your home. Also, any reputable company will ensure your project meets the Code for Sustainable Homes and all building regulations.

BPC Ventilation are experts in ventilation. Click here for further details http://www.bpcventilation.com

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